About us

We founded Sincere Aquaculture out of a pure passion for Aquaculture. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a company that all of us are proud to be a part of.
Traditionally the aquaculture industry has been a labor heavy endeavor to get into, we are looking to change that.

Using our background as engineers to automate a lot of the processes currently in aquaculture, such as harvesting, sorting and checking water quality. Sincere aquaculture wants to create growth in the market by lowering operational cost and bringing automation to the aquaculture industry.



Coming from The Faroe Islands Fridi comes from a family and traditions of fishermen, always having been passionate about the sea and the living creatures. With a technical background Fridi has been a part of some of the biggest engineering projects of recent times leading the build of the 5G network on The Faroe Islands.


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After finishing high school Gustav moved from Denmark to the UK to work in IT and started his technical career here. It has now been 7 years since then and has established him as a strong technical profile with both network engineering and software development in his backpack.


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With more than 25 years in the tech industry, having experience with both startup scaling to management of large companies. Combined with the strong commercial and leadership background of Lars the only way to look is forward. Lars is an expert in growth, scale up and business management.​


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The View Ventures 


theView Ventures assists both start-ups and established companies in acquiring venture capital for business expansion. In practice, we develop business cases, match these with investors, and provide access to implementation specialists with the relevant commercial resources to ensure acceleration. The expanded businesses can then potentially be sold fully or partially with return on the investment.